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You definitely need it, if you want to:

  • Give your boss transparent reports.
  • Follow the trends in your campaign.
  • Check the performance of your campaign.
  • Receive an extensive campaign report.
  • It's just better to know than not to know.

You run Google Ads campaigns and need clear reports?

We have something for you. All you need to do is provide us with the e-mail address associated with your Google Ads account. Once a week, the system will generate a clear report for you with the most important campaign data.

How does the report look like?

  • Number of views
  • Number of conversions
  • Average CTR
  • Average CPC
  • Income
  • Conversion cost
  • Campaign cost
  • ROAS
  • Performance in relation to the type of device
  • Relation of traffic and sales to the time of day
  • Click-to-impression ratio
  • and a few other useful indicators that will make your report pop

Few reasons why the access to your account is totally safe with us

For many, especially smaller businesses, Google Ads is the only or the most important customer acquisition channel. Thus, business owners care about the security of their account and its proper functioning. While using our report generator you don't have to be worried because:

  • Highest Google Partnership Status. We follow Google's best practices and this ensures you that you're dealing with real gamechangers.
  • We do not have access to your account. Logging in is only needed by the system to generate visually attractive data from your campaign.
  • Your comfort is our priority. Advertising channels are getting more and more complex. We want to simplify them for you!
  • Transparency. We share knowledge, our own earnings and present clearly our approach to marketing.
  • We serve almost 3000 clients Thanks to that we know what your business needs are.
  • The privacy policy ensures that your data will remain yours. We can write anything, but it’s our clients opinion that matters the most.

Verseo uses your personal data and your AdWords credentials only to analyze your account.

We do not share your data under any circumstances.

Check out our private policy

Success stories

„Cool! Glad that it only takes an e-mail and then you don’t have to think about anything else. Once a week I receive the most important data related to my campaign.”

Ian McCarrick
„I gave up paid tools, this one has everything i needed and it's free.”

Jessica Waldorf
„I save time and money that i would normally spend on exporting data in order to show results in decent way.”

Clarence Czerniak